Unitywater is developing longer term industry partnerships to deliver its capital works program through a collaborative and more efficient delivery model - the Build Better Together program. 

Program FAQs

Unitywater’s Capital Works Program typically includes infrastructure projects such as:

  • Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)
  • Network for sewage collection
  • Network for water distribution and reticulation.

The primary engineering, design and construction activities cover water and sewage across the following disciplines: civil, structural, process, mechanical and electrical, typically undertaking pipeline installation and renewals, pump stations, treatment plants, reservoirs, metering, and electrical works.

There will be multiple packages of work and multiple supply partners.

The Build Better Together model is expected to commence mid-2023 following award of contracts. A period of mobilisation and transition will also need to be accommodated.  
It is intended that existing contracts will continue while we establish the Build Better Together frameworks and programs of works. Existing suppliers will be consulted through the further model development process and input sought to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of works services as Build Better Together is implemented.

Unitywater will work collaboratively with its Partners to develop and refine the long-term capital works program and provide greater certainty of the forward pipeline. The method of work allocation to programs and partners, along with any proposed works guarantee will be developed through collaboration with industry prior to contract execution (if any) and will take on board feedback and lessons learned. 

The Future Capital Works Delivery Model (Build Better Together) recognises that all parties are integral to Unitywater's ecosystem and that these relationships are fundamental to the successful delivery of the capital works delivery program.

We are seeking input from industry as we further develop the model to ensure that we optimise the participation of organisations from across the ecosystem. 

Unitywater has adopted the principle that risk should be allocated to the party best able to manage it and this will inform the development of the exact risk approach applied. Unitywater is seeking feedback from the market on the best approach to risk management and mitigation.
Through Build Better Together, Unitywater is seeking to establish a Capital Works Delivery Model that aligns us and our partners to achieve our organisational outcomes. Value for money will be measured through our partners ability to deliver effectively and efficiently in line with our program outcomes, including contributing to innovation initiatives, wider sustainability and organisational goals, and collaborative behavioural principles while engaging with Unitywater. An appropriate framework is being developed to clearly indicate the approach to achieving and maintaining Value for Money.

Unitywater understands that there are significant benefits to be gained by improving integration across the project life cycle.

Our aspiration is that Build Better Together is founded on integrated program delivery teams i.e. across the lifecycle and Unitywater’s business areas and with all partners.

The timing of tender release and sequencing (planning, design, professional, specialist and construction services) is being developed. It is currently anticipated that the first transaction will commence in Q1 2023.

Operations and maintenance: Core Unitywater operations and maintenance activities are not included in the scope of Build Better Together. 

Planning: Unitywater is currently working to determine the exact scope of services to be included in Build Better Together and planning is one of the service areas being considered for inclusion.

Unitywater values your opinion, and this process will ensure we are able to access market input and insights on a range of topics to support the development of the future capital delivery model.

We kicked off the market engagement in March 2021. From these engagements we have preliminary concepts for a preferred delivery model and implementation.

Contract and tender FAQs

Unitywater will determine the appropriate contract form and is seeking input from industry to be used as part of the development process. 
Unitywater intends to implement longer term contractual arrangements (five+ years) to enable industry to invest and deliver program efficiencies. The optimal terms of the contracts to be let under the Future Capital Works Delivery Model will be determined in the coming months. 
There will be multiple packages of work and multiple supply partners. We are seeking input from industry to further develop and refine the packaging approach, including scale of packages and intended scope.

The primary engineering, planning, design, and construction activities for water, recycled water, and sewerage networks, as well as sewage treatment plants. This will include supply of materials and chemicals, parts, labour, equipment, and incidentals to deliver the capital works program and encompass the following disciplines:

  • civil
  • structural
  • process
  • mechanical and electrical.

The scope of works for the programs is still being finalised and will be consulted with industry as part of procurement activities (if any).


The timing of tender release and sequencing is being developed. It is currently anticipated that the first transaction will commence in Q1 2023.

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