Water meters are mechanical devices that wear with usage and age. We have a proactive replacement program for water meters which are nearing the end of their useful life. It’s an ongoing program that ensures your water meter readings (and your bills) remain as accurate as possible.

Water meter replacement depends on the specifications of the individual meter. So it is normal that your meter may in fact be replaced but the meter belonging to your neighbour may not be.

Proactive water meter replacement work is fully funded by Unitywater at no additional charge to you. However, fees can apply if you have requested to have your meter replaced because you believe it may be damaged or faulty.

Meter replacement work is undertaken by licensed plumbing contractors authorised by Unitywater. They can be identified by ID cards, vehicle signage and high-visibility uniforms.

Want to know more? Read the meter replacement FAQs below or contact us.

We also welcome your feedback on this program.

Please note: Unitywater is unable to replace sub meters within complexes built prior to 2008. Please visit our dedicated webpage for further information on sub metered complexes built prior to 2008. 


 Water Supply Interruption Notice being put in letterbox

Meter replacement FAQs

  • We’ll let you know when we will be replacing your meter according to the following timeframes:

For domestic meters (20mm or 25mm): You will be notified by SMS if we have your mobile number or a notification card will be delivered to your letterbox at least 48 hours in advance. The licensed plumbing contractor may also make contact with customers who are at home on the day the works are to be carried out. 

For large meters (greater than 25mm): The licensed plumbing contractor will personally contact the property owner/tenant to arrange the most convenient time for the meter to be replaced. 

  • The water supply to your property will be temporarily stopped to enable the plumber to replace the meter, before re-establishing water supply to the property. The duration of the water interruption will be minimised as much as possible.

  • The new meter will generally be placed in the same position as your old meter unless it is deemed suitable to be moved outside of the property boundary and/or installed below ground.

  • A small area around the meter may be disturbed during the replacement. Wherever possible, we will restore this area to its original condition. We will let you know if the restoration cannot be completed on the day the meter is replaced.

  • When finished, the plumber will leave a Works Completed card in your letterbox.

You don't need to be at home while the replacement works are happening, but you may be asked to turn water appliances off before your supply is stopped.

Replacement may take longer if you have a large meter, but the plumber will work with you to manage a mutually convenient time for the work to be done.

Please contact us if, after the meter is replaced, you have any issues with low pressure, leaking meter or taps, dirty water, or incomplete restoration around the meter (ground not restored properly).

Disturbance of soil and pipes during water meter replacement may cause temporary discolouration of water for a short period. Air in the pipes may also cause milky-coloured water. If this occurs, please turn on an outside tap and let it run for a couple of minutes until the water runs clear. This, on average, uses less than 125 litres of water and costs less than 25 cents. If the problem continues, please contact us.

When the water meter is replaced the plumber records the final reading of the old meter on the Works Completed card. This is checked again against the actual meter to confirm accuracy. We recommend you keep this for reference, to cross check against your next Unitywater bill.

We store all removed meters for a period of 6 months. All customers have a right to request their old meter is tested (fees apply).

We may also replace the mains side tap on your water meter with a new lockable lever which allows you to lock off water supply to your meter, such as when you go on holidays or have a vacant property. This is part of an ongoing maintenance program to ensure reliable water supply through the water meter.