Water restrictions come into place when combined dam levels fall below 50%.

If restrictions are introduced, you will need to meet certain requirements to continue using potable town water to fill or top up your swimming pool. 

To continue using potable water to fill or top up your swimming pool, you need to ensure:

  • A self-assessment water audit has been completed; and
  • The water is recirculating; and 
  • All communal taps, showers and toilets are of at least a 3-star water efficiency rating; and
  • A 'clear view screen' is installed on the backwash outlet line of the swimming pool or spa; and
  • A sub-meter is installed by a licensed plumber on the pool or spa make-up supply line

You can also continue to use potable water if your school is or has participated in the ecoBiz program and is implementing water-saving measures identified in the ecoBiz action plan.