Moodlu Quarry will be used as storage for Class A recycled water from the Caboolture South Sewage Treatment Plant as part of the Wamuran Irrigation Scheme, a water reuse project supplying Wamuran growers.

Although public access to the site has always been prohibited, it is a known recreational area for some groups.

Unitywater Executive Manager Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions Daniel Lambert said the construction phase at the quarry had commenced, prompting the strict closure of the site.

“We are installing a floating pump station in the quarry for underwater infrastructure,” Mr Lambert said.

“This pump station will create strong currents in the water and that, along with concealed infrastructure, poses a public safety risk.”

“We realise the site is appealing for swimming but we ask the community to please keep out for their own safety. Please head to the beach or the local pool to cool off.”

Mr Lambert said Unitywater had installed signage at the site and would work with local authorities to restrict access to the quarry.

“Keeping the community safe while we construct the scheme is critical to our role in the local area.”

More information about the Wamuran Irrigation Scheme can be found here: