Unitywater has won a National Energy Efficiency Award for its Energy Reduction Program.

On Monday night at the National Energy Efficiency Awards in Melbourne Unitywater was named Leading Energy User for 2017 for the outstanding achievements of its Energy Reduction Program.

Recognising Unitywater’s demonstrated excellence in energy management including performance, leadership and innovation, the award was presented by the Energy Efficiency Council in partnership with the Energy Users Association of Australia.

Unitywater’s Executive Manager Customer Delivery Rob Dowling said the award gives kudos for Unitywater’s success in reducing its electricity costs by more than $1.5 million each year.

“Providing our customers with high quality, safe and reliable water and sewerage services demands a great deal of electricity.

“While our Energy Reduction Program focuses on a number of parts of our operations, it’s all about doing things smarter.

“We saved 17.5 per cent off our bills at the end of October and we plan to reach 19 per cent by mid-2018,” Mr Dowling said.


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